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A very slow start for Windows 8

Zdnet : There's no doubt about it--with Windows 8, Microsoft has a tough job on its hands. (Software, Web, Windows 8)

AgentWhite  +   829d ago
Slow and steady wins the race , Windows 8 has some unique features which are really awesome , the metro look is just awesome , at first it was difficult to adapt but within 10 days i got addicted to it .
Yi-Long  +   829d ago
It's only an 'upgrade' for those who have/want a touch-sensitive screen....
... for old dogs like me who prefer to just stick to keeping my fingers on the keyboard and mouse, instead of all over a screen, Windows 8 is by most accounts a downgrade.

I'm in Hong Kong right now, and I've been looking for a new laptop, but because of W8 I've only been looking at 5-6 month old laptops because some stores don't offer the option for a downgrade from W8 to Windows 7.

Which is extremely annoying, as you can imagine.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's avoiding W8 and looking for a computer with Windows 7 still as the OS.

I loved XP. I loved Vista. I love my Windows 7 on my desktop, but if this is the way Microsoft has decided to go with W8, then I won't be sticking with them.

I don't mind 'change', but it does have to be an IMPROVEMENT, which IMHO, for me. Windows 8 isn't.

Will W8 find it's way into many livingrooms? Sure. It will be on phones, on tablets, and obviously on the pc's and laptops people buy where it's pre-installed. And I'm sure many will just adjust and maybe even love it.

But just as many people, possibly more, will be completely turned off by the new direction they've been forced into, and hopefully they will be looking for alternatives, either by just sticking to Windows 7, or going to the competition.
evil_element  +   828d ago
Windows 8 was doomed from the word go. They broke away from their previous interface and left many ppl wondering how it works.

Their adverts don't explain anything about the product except for surface being able to click a keyboard onto its self and windows 8 having a tile interface.

Not enough stores explaining and teaching ppl how to use it.

There platform is not business orientated, which will adversely effect office for them. As office is one of their key life lines of revenue.

Interface looks sleek but difficult to find previously known places such like shut down.
BryanBegins  +   828d ago
Just buy a new laptop with Windows 8. Then spend 2-3 hours tweaking it so that you almost never see the Metro interface. Seriously, I have W8 and I'm on the deskptop 99.9% of the time, so for me, it's like Windows 7 with some improvements. Just no start menu, but a start screen. No big deal.
AgentWhite  +   828d ago
windows 8 is a combination of touch and type .
caseh  +   828d ago

'Their adverts don't explain anything about the product except for surface being able to click a keyboard onto its self and windows 8 having a tile interface.'

I've seen the advert for Surface a few times and the more I see it, the more annoying it becomes. As you pointed out, it just shows a keyboard clicking onto a screen. On top of that it shows people pretending to be robots and sh*t, seriously was a sh*tty assed advert.

KingPin  +   828d ago
buy a new laptop, pirate windows 7 OS.

its the best solution really. you paid microsoft for their crappy windows 8 so i dont see why you should pay again for something you find more useful. so by you pirating windows 7, MS can go suck donkey balls if they have a problem with it.
Raf1k1  +   828d ago
Surely I'm not the only one who doesn't like seeing smudges and other marks on my screen when looking at it. Having a touch interface on desktop would annoy me to no end due to all the marks I'd end up with on my screen.

I'm staying away from Windows 8.
Reibooi  +   828d ago
My sister got herself a Windows 8 Laptop and she isn't a computer person per say. She really wanted just to use Facebook and for her daughter and she asked me to set it up for her and I have to tell you after an hour on the thing I wanted to throw it out the window.

I personally think Metro is incredibly ugly looking. And making it the primary interface over the Desktop that everyone knows just makes no sense to me. People know and love the Desktop and most don't want to be forced to learn something new. I mean I could understand having Metro in addition to the Desktop for those who have touch interfaces but trying to force it on us is just stupid.
GameSpawn  +   828d ago
"I mean I could understand having Metro in addition to the Desktop for those who have touch interfaces but trying to force it on us is just stupid. "

And that is the crux of the whole Windows 7 vs Windows 8 issue. Windows 8, as far as the surface (not the product) is concerned, is still just Windows 7 with a REQUIRED touch-heavy interface. Sure one can argue that by changing some settings here and there and doing some hacking here and there you can make Windows 8 more 7-ish, but it is still not the same. When you strip away the superficial there is ZERO reason to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and even then you should only remotely consider Windows 8 if and ONLY if you have a touchscreen to take full advantage of the 80% that makes Windows 8 different from Windows 7 (as far as what is directly usable -- background changes like security changes aren't considered in this argument). If you are stuck with a keyboard and mouse stick to Windows 7 no matter what; Metro is a bear to begin to use without a touchscreen.
BryanBegins  +   828d ago
I don't hate W8 anymore, it's sometimes nice to have the option to use "apps". But you are right, there are choices made by Microsoft that make no sense. Just the fact that you have to go into "charm bar", then "settings" just to find the power down button is ridiculous. I can find dozen of weird chosen like this one.

But as I've said above, with some tweaks, W8 just look like W7 and it's fine for me.
Software_Lover  +   828d ago
After an hour I was well versed in Windows 8. Hell, after 30 minutes I knew how to do everything in the operating system that I needed to do.

And to use Facebook on windows 8 all you do is download the app and install. Its that simple.

Some of you sound like you are P.R. guys for other companies.
Reibooi  +   828d ago
How are we PR guys for other companies? I prefer and love Windows 7.(as do many others here who dislike Windows 8) It's not like I'm saying Windows 8 sucks I'm going to Mac. I'm still using Windows not some other OS I just don't want anything to do with windows 8.

And just for the record I figured out rather quickly how to use Windows 8. That doesn't make the little annoyances with it any less annoying. Hence the wanting to throw the laptop out of the window comment.
3GenGames  +   828d ago
Don't get THAT crazy. Win8 sucks. Either 1. Call Microsoft and complain until you get a Win7 download, or 2. Try out Linux so you won't have to waste $1500 on a $500 computer desktop. It's free, can runs windows programs through software called Wine, and you can dual boot with Windows. (Even if it sucks, just to try it out.) Plus there are many different Linux distros out there like Ubuntu, Mint (What I use, more classic OS type), etc.
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Software_Lover  +   828d ago
There is a Desktop mode in windows 8. It works just like windows 7. You hit Desktop and the GUI goes away. You have your desktop with the familiar desktop icons, and the familiar desktop taskbar and the familiar desktop quick launch. If you start a non app-store app, it takes you to desktop mode anyway. In other words, just like windows XP, VISTA, and WINDOWS 7.

The only difference is the right click submenus. You have to now use the gestures and go to the top right to get to your settings and personalization options. Once you learn that its a piece of cake.

People hate change. Maybe thats why the iphones change 1 feature at a time with every iteration?
sealava  +   828d ago
Microsoft is jumping into the future with Win8 .
ether you take the leap or stay behind and continue to whine about how things were better in the old days .
it'll take some getting used to , but win 8 is great product for the future of computers .
KingPin  +   828d ago
windows 8 is a leap into a snake pit.

it's built mainly for tablets. why would a pc need a lock screen? slide to unlock, really?!! is screensavers stone age?

and there are ways to change the GUI without confusing the fook out of everyone. jump to linux 12.10/12.04 <unity gui> and play around with it for 5 mins and you wont get lost. im not saying unity is the best GUI, many linux fans complaining about that too but im just saying you dont need this tablet OS on a pc and use a mouse and keyboard to get around, you look like a tool using it.
ngecenk  +   828d ago
its not windows 8, its just the market has shifted from pc to tablet. and ms has the lowest market share compared to google and apple.

but the night still young
mcstorm  +   828d ago
Wow what is it with everyone. Windows 8 can be customised to how you want it to work. So if you want the old start menu back you can download one of many start menu apps.

Ive been using windows 8 on my none touch laptop for a few months now and I can say im not missing the start menu in any way. I have all the programs I use for my job every day on the front part of my start menu and it is quicker to access than the old one.

I also have some metro Apps on there for the live tiles like Weather ect but I only use them every now and again.

MS needed to make a Normal/Touch OS because people for home computers are starting to pickup tablets rather than laptops so offering this OS to them as well as no limits to old software was never going to be easy but what MS have done works very well with both Keyboard and Mouse and Touch.

Its simple. the NEW UI is to be used for touch and the old for Office and x86/64 apps.

Windows 8 tablets are the only tablets that cab replace a laptop as they don't have limits like Android and IPads do.

I have a Xoom at home but I still need to get my laptop out to print,Edit PSF, Documents. Use AutoCAD, Do my shopping as the sites don't work well on the Tablet Like Asda.com.

Also have multi user accounts, Join a domain, Archive emails, sync my phone with music and more.

The IPad and Android are good media devices but not a replacement for pc's.

Also people saying Windows 8 new UI is too hard for people to use because it is different to Windows. What happens if they pickup an Ipad or Android device? They don't work the same as Windows 7.
pandehz  +   828d ago
Release Halo 4 for win 8 and BOOM
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evil_element  +   823d ago
Ur confusing PC gamers for Xbox gamers.
pandehz  +   823d ago
Im a hardcore pc gamer and I wanna play Halo

Fundamentally Im a gamer, the platform choice is only because of budget limitations for me.

This year I've played games across all consoles when I had the chance and I believe many pc gamers would play those games if they were available on pc.
IQUITN4G  +   828d ago
People and change just don't go. A lot of this is just fueled by ignorance unfortunately because everything is still there . Took around an hour for me to find everything of old that I'm used to from windows 7 and now I'm very happy with 8

I can understand the confusion however as a lot of people will reach conclusions ways before any looking takes place
evil_element  +   823d ago
The confusion is that W8 is basically tablet interface being sold for a keyboard and mouse.

That M$ think by putting two different platforms together will make something amazing.

When both platforms were made for their own practical reasons both hardware and software like.
IQUITN4G  +   822d ago
Yes MS could honestly do more in making the experience of using Windows8 an easier one. It's only fine for those that don't mind figuring it all out and that leaves a lot of confused customers. Most machines are going to be touch though before too long I'm guessing so I do understand the direction at least
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