Anonymous renews fight against Westboro Baptist Church for planning Newtown school shooting picket

The Verge - The Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for its hateful missives and demonstrations at funerals in the United States, has once again been targeted by Anonymous for its newest assault on human decency. After the WBC announced that it planned to picket at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, following a shooting rampage that killed 26 educators and children there on Friday, Anonymous responded by dumping personal information of WBC members on the internet, including their phone numbers and home addresses.

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-Mezzo-1770d ago

Just Pathetic, what kind of sick people are these.

( I Have Abandoned All Hope In Humanity )

SilentNegotiator1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It's a handful of inbred idiots. Don't let people like this and a handful of gunmen make you lose sight of humanity. Most people aren't this bad at all. If the majority of people were bad, it would be chaos.

Billions of people have religion and most of them don't think like WBC.
Millions own weapons and most do not own them for ill intentions and never use them for such.

Think big picture. If you focus on life's scattered bad events, you'll be depressed constantly.

Sometimes it storms, but usually it doesn't. People die, but most live to see 60 something years, traveling inconceivable lengths around an exploding ball of hydrogen.

Positivity, man.

ChrisW1769d ago

My question is... why go shoot up a bunch of innocent kids when you can go shoot up scum like WBC?!?

Oh well, crazy is as crazy does!

Crazay1770d ago

Useless wastes of skin these people.

Cueil1769d ago

not totally... they do pay taxes on the food and gas they consume on the way there... but I don't get why they would go there... it's like they've gone double crazy

Bimkoblerutso1770d ago

Good. I'm glad that anonymous is once again engaging in acts of ACTUAL good will, as opposed to throwing cowardly little hissy fits over personal vendettas.

tachy0n1770d ago

lol i remember when the KKK went after these fools it was so funny xDDDD

thebudgetgamer1770d ago

You know you're terrible whe the Klan looks down on you.

ArmrdChaos1770d ago

Karma is a bitch...and she is PISSED. Just pathetic people trying to draw attention to themselves at the cost of others misery.

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