Rumor: Leaked Chart Details Desktop Haswell CPU’s Slated For Q2 2013 Release

Maximum PC: Tech rumor site VR-Zone claims to have an authentic list of Intel’s first wave of “Haswell” desktop processors, and while we can’t confirm it outright, the parts listed seem highly plausible. Of the 14 CPU’s detailed, 6 fall under the category “standard power” with TDP’s of 84W, and 8 are referred to as “low power”, with TDP’s ranging between 65W - 35W.

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RedDeadLB2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Should have known they'd come up with a new socket.

Farsendor12042d ago

don't you guys think this is too soon?

Truthandreason2042d ago

this is actually the usual time, their last chip, ivy bridge, was delayed a few months which makes it look like shorter intervals.