French reporters infiltrate Foxconn iPhone 5 factory, find few of the vaunted changes

Engadget - Envoyé Spécial, a 60 Minutes-like program from public TV station France 2, went undercover at the Zhengzhou iPhone 5 Foxconn factory recently (within the past two months) and reported many of the same problems the Chinese manufacturer and Apple promised to fix earlier this year. According to the story that aired last night, dorms at the new factory were occupied by workers despite the fact that many were still under construction and had no elevators, electricity or running water -- apparently because builders focused on the production lines at the expense of housing. A Foxconn manager even warned employees on hidden camera not to plug devices into dorms that did have electricity, saying that eight workers were killed in a fire after overloading circuits.

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Software_Lover2043d ago

This is so sad on many levels. So much money that Apple makes. The US should just make it illegal for US companies to build products outside of the US. And that includes Microsoft, Automobiles, etc. So many violations just on a humane level that its ridiculous. Apple and Zhengzhou should be fined heavily.

Its all for the love of money.

Bimkoblerutso2042d ago

I like to point to articles like these when people drop the old "Apple makes good old fashioned American products," spiel.