The irrepressible evolution of the PC mouse

PC World - Ubiquity, thy name is mouse.

There's Mighty. There's Mickey. And don't forget the proverbial girl next door. The stereotype says she's attractive, but also a tad bit mousey.

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-Mezzo-2042d ago

Interesting Fact: At first 'PC Mouse' was disregarded as unnecessary.


Crazyglues2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Yeah it's funny but I remember being in the office and all the secretaries were upset because the company was forcing them to learn to use the mouse..

-Now just picture this, it's years ago, like 1995 - 1996 and 30 secretaries are in the training room crying and are upset because they just don't get the mouse or why they need to learn to use it when all they do is type... LoL

(all they kept saying was the mouse is just making everything more difficult for them to do stuff.)

Oh little computer Mouse you have come a Long, Long way... :)

-Mezzo-2042d ago

My 'MOM' went through this as well, she used to work back then ( Not Anymore ), and every now and then She suddenly starts laughing while using a PC and starts talking about how hard it was for Her & Her colleagues to learn " THE MOUSE".

Somebody2042d ago

I don't understand why every secretaries I've met in the last ten years seldom fully utilize the mouse. It's all about the trackpads. Made me angry every time they call me to troubleshoot some computer/software problems and all I have to work with is the damned trackpads. It's even worse when they need me to edit some pictures or document. Even if they do have a mouse connected it's always the extremely cheap mouse, usually part of the laptop's purchase bundle, that doesn't track very well with low sensitivity.

Ohh...wait...that explains the bureaucratic delays with travel claims and stuff. Use a mouse people! Your next transfer/raise depend on it.

Mounce2042d ago

I wouldn't blame them....The days of Mice before becoming Optical, my fucking god. Mouse Balls. Fucking. JAMMING AGAIN!.... Oh, hair is in it this time? *Shake shake* - *Smack smack* Oh, you hate it when you go Upwards and to the left? STUBBORN PIECE OF SHI-....

Yea....I always hated using computers at school when in grade 2-12 because it was Balled mice, they always jammed, they always struggled in random but certain directions of movement. I fucking hated it...

Now, OPTICAL mice? That's how it should've been to begin with! lol

kingPoS2042d ago

Is that transformer or a mouse?

maelstromb2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

A little of both, actually. It's the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. gaming mouse. Comes in several different flavors too, ranging from the R.A.T. 3 to the R.A.T. 9, all with subtle differences in operation.

SilentNegotiator2042d ago

The batmobile (circa 2000s).

Tiqila2042d ago

i have r.a.t. 7, though it looks clunky its really comfortable and precise

Blackdeath_6632042d ago

a transformer can actually be an accurate description because all the pieces of that mouse can be changed and fully customized. the width,the height, the parts and even the weight can be customized i believe.

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kingPoS2042d ago

A mouse is naked without a L/R scroll wheel & left side buttons.
To me anyway.

Farsendor12042d ago

logitech g600 is awesome

Tzuno2042d ago

I keep it simple and i am happy with it.

ReconHope2042d ago

i still use a mouse with a ball in it... =)