Google Set to Release iOS Maps App Tonight

AllThingsD: Google plans to release its much-awaited iOS Maps app tonight, according to sources familiar with the matter. The app should be a welcome addition for many iPhone users, who have been unhappy with an Apple-made replacement.


Now released.

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Speed-Racer2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

No more getting lost in the forest or driving off cliffs!

SJIND2042d ago

Wow! Apple approved it...

fatstarr2042d ago

LOL apple just crapped over all their hard work.
guess they didn't want anyone coming after them saying they tried to hold a monopoly on the maps market ex what Verizon did.

kingPoS2042d ago

After many attempts to find ??? they finally gave in and reinstated google maps.

Crazay2042d ago

The apple maps saga...

Apple: "screw you Google maps. We don't want you on our devices"
Google: "Kay?!? Good luck with that."

Apple: "yay us! We're innovative for we have bestowed Apple maps for you"
Apple users: "waaahhh! I'm lost"
Apple: "..." blink blink (for 3 months)
Google: "lol"

Apple: "please please come back! We failed and we know we never should have said the things we said. Forgive us."
Google: "lolololol" waits.."fiiiiine"
Apple: "yay! We have bestowed upon you Google maps! We're innovative"