LaCie's 'XtremKey USB 3.0' Flash Drive is Nearly Indestructible

Maximum PC: Come hell or high water, or even a 10-ton truck, LaCie's new XtremKey USB 3.0 flash drive has little to worry about. As the name implies, LaCie's latest flash drive is extremely tolerant to harsh conditions, such as being submerged in water down to 200 meters (over 656 feet). It has a protective cap made of thick ZAMAC metal alloy and wear-resistant screw threads with a rubber O-ring.

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newsguy1594d ago

do we really need a flash drive that strong?

mpctips1594d ago

Depends on how many flash drives you've lost to deep fryers or because of 10-ton trucks.

bwazy1593d ago

Man, at least 14


fatstarr1593d ago

yes, the flashdrives today have a Major quality drop.

yea i love my 16 gb for 8's but there's no more quality. my newest flashdrive weighs an ounce and a half, feels cheap as hell and I feel it will break in a month or so.

Blackdeath_6631593d ago

its useful to carry as a back up for your work/portfolios/archives/datab ases i don't imagine someone using such usb frequently because while a usb may be indestructible it can always get lost which is usually the case anyways.

JKelloggs1593d ago

Some people need assurance that their memory stick isn't going to be destroyed and their data with it

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mpctips1593d ago

Military folk, construction workers, and McDonald's fry cooks are three demographics I can think of off the bat.

kingPoS1593d ago

Data retention matters to. Some people use them like hard drives. (hey it happens)