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Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style Top Google's Search Trends for 2012

Maximum PC: Whitney Houston's untimely demise in February of this year led to her being the most searched term on Google in all of 2012, followed by "Gangnam Style," which ranked No. 2 and is on pace to hit an unprecedented 1 trillion views on YouTube. With 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages throughout the year, Google gives arguably the best glimpse of what's trending around the world.

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newsguy2049d ago

Whitney Houston was really the top-searched term??

ChrisW2048d ago

I only searched a couple times to verify what I always suspected... The POS died of a drug overdose.

Software_Lover2048d ago

Dying of a drug overdose does not make you a POS. It just means you had a problem. Being who she was with that problem, you could call the people around her POS because they didn't want to help her or were scared to cut off their money supply.