Why Apple is Great and Everyone Else Is Not Even Close

Forbes : If you ask those that invest in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) what’s so great about the company, you will get a host of different responses. They all might be right and they all might be wrong. However, the one thing that remains constant with Apple is that the company doesn’t care a heck of a whole lot about what you think.

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Lord_Sloth2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Except that they're not.

aviator1892043d ago

This is the one company I'd like to see fall.

KingPin2043d ago

well the good news is you'll live to see the day.

its not gonna take long. they haven't innovated in the last 3 years. it's just more of the same. theres only so many lawsuits you can make on outdated tech.

Vames2043d ago

Would you be able to find jobs for the workers?

ABizzel12043d ago

Apple won't be great until

1. They become open source, or at least less of a tyrant.


2. Cut the prices of most of their products by 30% - 50%.

Kaneda2043d ago

We already have a company like that now, it called Dell!

3GenGames2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

They aren't, and since all they care about is profit, never will be. You can keep your locked down POS Mac, iPhone, etc. I'll be on my Android Tablet, Phone, and Linux+Win7 Laptop doing real work with free and high quality software. Only an idiot will pay to be locked in to using Apple services OR devices. No freedom, it's like a prison playpen.

Artists use Macs because they're not computer literate. While you look at programmers and IT guys and most run Linux. There is a reason.

thebudgetgamer2043d ago

That's weird, I work in an I.T. office and Apple products have been showing up everyday lately. In two weeks Apple products will be all I use at work.

CraigandDayDay2043d ago

People just hate on Apple to hate on Apple. I love my MacBook Pro (2011 i5 4GB RAM non-Retina display). It's my baby. Just paid it off (BestBuy Card). I am so impressed by it. It's my first Mac computer. I've had iPhones for awhile and bought an original iPad when it came out. MacBooks are QUALITY computers. They're in it for the long haul. IT's built like a "brick $hithouse". haha The unibody aluminum design makes it extremely durable and rigid. I can pick it up by the very side of it and it doesn't bend one bit. Most laptops are plasticky and bendy and feel like they're gonna break when you do that.

caseh2043d ago


Apple hardware has its place in business, however to run an entire office on Apple products alone is just asking for trouble unless you like paying outta the ass for EVERYTHING.

Just thinking back to an iMac we had in my old office, power supply was a bit flaky so needed replacing. Cost of replacing the PSU was a few quid less than buying a new iMac, in a word...ridiculous.

ReconHope2043d ago

i wouldn't dislike it so much if it wasn't so expensive. i know it's good quality.

Moentjers2043d ago

MAMP says 'Hallo World' ! If you can choose between a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and another, be wise and get the Mac-hardware. Run whatever OS on it if you want but once you get used to the OSX and no loss of maintenance time, well...

Revvin2043d ago

I think the brand hate is really silly. I wouldn't buy a Mac because from my technical background I can do everything I need to on a PC and from a budget point of view I could buy two or more PC's for the price of a Mac. That said I still look at them and admire the styling and the OS its just not for me. That said I do own an iPhone. I'm on my second one now - an iPhone 5 after enjoying using the iPhone 4. I tried a Samsung Galaxy S3 but didn't gell with it like I did the iPhone. I also own an iPad 3. It was my first tablet and I think its a really nice device but the software is not as flexible as Android so I will be considering Android tablets the next time I upgrade. I buy what I think is best at the time for me, it doesn't matter what brand so long as it does the job which is why I don't understand the brand hate mentalitty.

3GenGames2043d ago

Because the brand is set up so you can't take your stuff elsewhere, you get tied to their products, you own nothing. Plus it's blatantly overpriced to the point of stupidity. You get the picture?

Revvin2043d ago

You're tied to nothing, lots of free apps on both Apple and Android and around £0.69 for most apps. I bought a few apps on Android for the few days I tried it, a few pounds in total to get a few of the pay-for apps I liked. I switched back to Apple a few days later but I don't regret it, I don't feel tied to any system. Maybe thats just your excuse for hating one system over another and not the reality that we're all free to pick and choose as we see fit.

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