President of the Free Software Foundation Accuses Ubuntu of being “Spyware”

Maximum PC: Canonical, the company behind the wildly popular Ubuntu distro is under siege from Free Software Foundation president Richard Stallman. Stallman has accused Canonical of spying on users, and oddly enough, they aren’t even denying it. In fact, they even admit plans are in the works to expand their efforts in upcoming releases.

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mpctips1237d ago

Not exactly what the Linux community needs right now as it tries to capitalize on the negative press (justified or not) surrounding Windows 8.

KingPin1237d ago

just started using 12.04LTS for like 3 weeks. glad i got this news. deactivating this garbage when i get home.

Dynasty1237d ago

Ubuntu sucks these days anyways. LONG LIVE ELEMENTARY OS!

kingPoS1235d ago

Trojan horse is sneakier trojan horse.