YouTube Gets Google-esque New Look

Maximum PC: "Google rolled out a new look for YouTube on Thursday, around a year after the world’s most popular online video site received its last facelift. The last overhaul focused on giving greater prominence to the user’s personalized content, and this one takes that even further with a cleaner, simpler look that “gets out of the way and lets content truly shine.”

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newsguy1932d ago

it's about time they changed

fatstarr1932d ago

finally, idk if I like it much.I will wait for it to grow on me.

Camza1932d ago

Am I the only person who thinks it is terrible?

wishingW3L1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I hate that every time I go to the front page I have to click on my subscriptions and then on "uploads only" to watch only the videos from by subscriptions and not what Youtube wants me to watch. On prior UIs it saved your settings but this one doesn't and it's annoying as hell to keep doing it every time. =/

Blackdeath_6631932d ago

same, one way around that is clicking on one of the two icons on the top left below the youtube logo then click either "my subscriptions" or "more from my subscriptions" that should take straight to your sub box and show uploads only assuming you have already clicked it. the two icons in the top left also help center the layout. many people don't realise this. all in all this layout is way better than the previous one, once people stop bitching it will seamlessly grow over them.

aviator1891931d ago

I agree. This is my main issue.
I don't want to watch youtube recs. I want youtube to open up to my subs only. And I wish they would have kept the inbox option there as well.

And when we're searching for vids, I don't know why they removed sort by upload date.. I used that like everyday.

shossofe1931d ago

I just have a link to my subscription page on my bookmark toolbar. Saves me the hassle of even visiting the home page.

Speed-Racer1932d ago

Nah. Those first 3 guys above us don't know what they're talking about. The general consensus is that it's horrible. I hate it myself. I wonder if they'll take a Facebook approach and just force us to like it? :S

heroicjanitor1932d ago

Tbf though most people don't like change. It's hard for the biggest supplier of anything to change because of the backlash it causes, so if Google think this is better I am glad they have the guts to do it.

Imo it is better too, the video should be front and centre. The other info can be accessed quickly in a drop-down. All I really care about is the video though.

Speed-Racer1932d ago

The biggest problem I have with it is the color combination. There is too much white and the grey sidebars aren't grey enough to add a little bit of contrast. Wish they would use some more of the red as well. It's simply too bright. Also not sure why they went with left align.

Baka-akaB1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

changes just for the heck of it are annoying . Is the new look any more useful ? no it's kinda empty , overly white , sterile and aseptized .

You mostly loose useful options , and gotta search them out now

Brawler1931d ago

@Racer-X I totally agree, the left align is so dumb there is so much wasted space on the right, as well the colour combination is horrible, the whole click superscription then upload only is annoying.

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