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Virginia woman is sued over her Yelp review

Washington Post - Angered by what she thought was shoddy work on her home, Fairfax resident Jane Perez did what has become the go-to form of retail vengeance in the Internet age: She logged on to Yelp and posted scathing reviews of the D.C. firm that did the job.

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-Mezzo-2027d ago

If the accusations were indeed fake, i think she should be thought a lesson.

Crazyglues2026d ago

Well saying jewelry was stolen with no proof is a false accusation, but the rest is a matter of opinion.. she felt he did a sloppy job and that's her opinion so that's a tough call..

As that's kind of freedom of speech and you should be able to say how you feel about a job someone did for you..

SKUD2026d ago

Its a two way street. Sad part is when both consumer and business abuse it. However, there needs to be a safe forum for consumers to honestly share valuable information experiences. A very high percentage of business WILL screw you over with a smile on their faces.

DivineHand1252026d ago

If they can't handle criticism then why bother have a public customer feedback on their website.

SnakeCQC2026d ago

wow what happened to freedom of speech! the women wrote her experience on a review site! this case is messed up

UnwanteDreamz2026d ago

Freedom of speach does not mean you can just say anything you want. People are so ignorant of common sense. Ever heard of slander or libel?

SnakeCQC2025d ago

it does gives you the right to share your experience on a review site