10 must-have features for Windows 9

PC World - I've been using Windows 8 for almost a year now, and I constantly bump up against gaping holes in its design. From the beginning, Microsoft has offered users an awkward experience, one that, even when fully baked, has not impressed, leaving desktop diehards in the lurch as to how to make the most of Windows 8.

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-Mezzo-1871d ago

After getting disappointed by 8, i went back to XP, though i hope Windows 9 is better.

Software_Lover1871d ago

Whats wrong with 8? Its the same as windows 7 when you go to desktop. Better performance, though very small.

dkgshiz1871d ago

I have Windows 8 and its literally a mess. Its trying to eliminate the desktop environment. I just pirated it so no harm done and already went back to 7.

KingPin1871d ago

after reading about how bad windows 8 was, i went from xp to ubuntu 12.04 LTS. havent looked back since.

for gaming i keep xp, but everything else is done in ubuntu. not to mention, i dont know what 12.04 has but the sound is so much better.

asmith23061870d ago

The only reason I use Windows at all now is for things you can't get on Ubuntu. I need Silverlight to play Sky Sports on Sky Go, absolutely vital to my weekends!

Speed-Racer1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Mezzo - You went back to XP? Why didn't you just revert to 7?

-Mezzo-1871d ago

I just feel comfortable with XP, because i understand it completely.

I don't feel like learning everything again, that's why i never gave Windows 7 a chance & now i'm doing the same with Windows 8.

So is guess you can say that the problem is with me rather then the Operating systems. :P

SilentNegotiator1871d ago

How about starting by restoring all of the features cut between XP and 8?

mcstorm1870d ago

I really don't get why people are complaining about windows 8. If your a desktop/none touch user the only difference is the new start screen which is very easy to use and customise and put what you want on it and group them.

Then if your a tablet user you only use the new start screen and Market place. You will only use the desktop mode for Office.

Windows 8 is very stable and fast at everything it dose and is a better experience than other versions of windows.

It is a Unlimited OS unlike Chrome, Android and IOS which all have limits.

Lazyeye791870d ago

A start button and more of a focus on desktop computers and not tablets.