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How to change the Look of Windows 8 to old Windows 7 Desktop

iTechbook: How to change the Look of Windows 8 to old Windows 7 Desktop with power 8 software

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faizanshakyboy2057d ago

thanks, i was looking for it.

Crazyglues2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Why People ... Just Why? I know it's a hard adjustment but trust me it will only take you a day or two to get use to it, if you use it...

People are so upset about the change that they won't even give it a fair chance... I only tell you this because I too felt the same way.

-But then I said let me try to give it a real chance and just use it for a few days, and once you get use to moving your mouse to the corner to go to start - it's easy peasy..

Then you realize it's just like win 7 just now when you go to start it's laid out in squares on your screen - much easier to see things and click on them

if you need all programs just right click on the start screen and boom its right there at the bottom right - all apps - there you go all programs, it's just called all apps now..

and that's it really, they changed two things and you people are going crazy.. it's just a new way to get to the same thing you were doing on windows 7 - is it really that hard to adjust.. people come on..

give it a fair try, use it for some days, I promise you will like it, as soon as you get use to it..

Revvin2057d ago

You shouldn't have to download or worse pay for apps to fix Windows 8. Microsoft should release a patch to give the user the option to boot to classic desktop and give us back the Start menu. Once Metro matures with app support it may become more enticing for the end user but its not going to happen overnight like Microsoft wants it to be. It has to be a gradual process over Windows 8, 9 and even 10 as people get used to it and have the hardware to take advantage of it. Unfortunately this is typical Microsoft dictating how I should run my PC. No thanks I went back to Windows 7.

Somebody2057d ago

MS shouldn't have removed the Start Button in the first place. They had the chance to give desktop users to use the best of both world - desktop with desktop and Metro. A familiar system enhanced with the presence of a new system they can try out.

Instead MS decided to force desktop users to primarily use Metro. The removal of the Start button was the first sign. The second was the extremely bland look of the desktop's overall look (the lack of Aero theme perhaps). It looked like Windows 7 Starter Edition on netbooks.

The Start button removal was a deliberate move to force users to be dependent of the Metro. The bland looking desktop was there to attack the users' subconscious so they would use the cheery pastel rainbow in Metro even more.

zeal0us2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Why make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 when you can just keep Windows 7?

SyWolf2057d ago

Extra features that won't make it to 7 for one.

edward32222057d ago

As Windows 8 loading time is much better than Windows 7, problem is with its interface so change it and enjoy

dkgshiz2057d ago

I have pirates remorse over it. It runs good and is actually really quick and responsive but it screams "Tablet baby". Its all very unnecessary and just casualized the desktop environment to dumb it down to a tablet users level. Needless to say I'll stick with Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

Psychotica2056d ago

Seems silly just because the Start menu is displayed differently. It's really not that difficult.

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