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Patent troll hits Apple for using headphones

Gigaom: This just might be the stupidest patent lawsuit of the year. A shell company is suing Apple over a patent called “Wireless Mobile Phone Including a Headset” — this is just the latest evidence the patent system is badly broken. (Apple, Headphones, Industry)

KingPin  +   976d ago
well if apple could patent "rectangles with round corners" i dont see why you cant patent "Wireless Mobile Phone Including a Headset"

its obvious as Sh!t but they got the patent.
Lord_Sloth  +   976d ago
Indeed. Now Apple's getting a taste of their own medicine. Hope it works out for 'em.
ziggurcat  +   976d ago
hey, did you know that MS and google just ended a patent lawsuit against each other of their own?

no? then pull your head out of your ***, and realize that apple isn't the only who has gone to court over patent issues.

"bu-bu-but apple sues more..."

no. it only seems that way because of idiot android/PC fanboys.
Dovahkiin  +   976d ago

Or... Apple are a ridiculous company who will do anything for money, even try and bring down the company who manufactures parts for their flagship products.

LNDCalling  +   976d ago

True and I laughed when I heard Samsung put up their chip price to Apple by 20% and Apple couldn't do anything as Samsung are the only ones who can produce the volume they need!

Looks like Samsung will be paying the fine to Apple with Apples money! :D

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Lord_Sloth  +   976d ago

Or you can just stop assuming that anybody who doesn't like Apple must support Google or M$. I have plenty of hate to go around, dude.
SilentNegotiator  +   976d ago
Petty persons on the web happy as a hypocrite to see an eye-for-an-eye when it could only FURTHER affect the entire electronics industry for the worse? Gotta love the irony, I guess.
Dasteru  +   976d ago

It isn't about patents in general.

Yes other companies sue over patents also, and in most cases have a right to if their patents are actually being violated.

The reason people are erked at Apple is because of WHAT they sue over and the fact that they are hypocritical about it.

They sued Samsung and tried to get almost all of Samsungs devices banned just because of the general shape and the fact that the edges were rounded. For starters, Apple doesn't have those patents. They aren't even patentable to begin with.

Second, Almost everything Apple makes is an enhanced copy of other peoples work (Half the guts in the Iphone are made by Samsung) They violate patents left right and center yet as soon as someone makes another device that is even vagely similar they go all sue happy asking for billions+ and full market bans.

Apple has even been known to sue the original inventors of ideas that they stole.

Multiple things in here Apple has claimed as their own: http://unrealitymag.com/ind...

Sued over something they not only didn't own but actually themselfs stole. http://articles.businessins...

Using Samsungs LTE tech in Iphone 5 without permission right after suing Samsung over rounded edges which was also shown in the first link to have actually been stolen by Apple. (Ironically from Samsung, the very company they are suing over it)
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ArmrdChaos  +   976d ago
Not to mention most of the wireless tech companies have an aggrement to share certain technologies that ensure/benefit the market as a whole...such as communication protocols and the like. Out of all the other companies that have offered up tech APPLE is the only one that has offered NOTHING...yet ironically they have no qualms about using everything that the other companies have shared. So yeah...Apple has EARNED all the crappy karma they are currently receiving.
That-Guy  +   976d ago
We really need new laws on these patents.
SilentNegotiator  +   976d ago
Someone who cares more about the industry than expending hate for some corporation or the other?

Good man.
kingPoS  +   976d ago
Broken patents is broken patents.
Captain Tuttle  +   976d ago
Doesn't Apple have a patent on frivolous patent lawsuits?

This company is playing with fire.
thorstein  +   976d ago
No, but I think you have come up with an amazing idea. Think of the millions you could make in suing frivolous patent lawsuit plaintiffs if you did patent that.

It could be the sole purpose of your company....lulz
SephirothX21  +   976d ago
Besides the fact that Apple have yet to make a good product and are money grabbing greedy pigs and Steve Jobs was a c**t, they've a bright future.
dboyman  +   976d ago
Patent Troll (Apple) being sued by another patent troll. Who would have thought? Well good that Apple is getting a taste of its own medicine...

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