Online Shopping Topped $1 Billion for First Time on Black Friday

Maximum PC: Hopefully you all stayed safe out there and survived the madness that is known as Black Friday. Or maybe you skipped all the hoopla of angry crowds and avoided all the pushing and shoving by staying at home and doing your shopping online. Certainly many of you did, According to comScore's data, online shopping on Black Friday surged to $1.042 billion, making it the heaviest online shopping day to date in 2012, and representing a 26 percent bump compared to last year.

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justinbkerr2003d ago

lining up is for suckers.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2002d ago

Must be the economy.

Hold on what?!

EyesAblaze2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Dr.Evil must be proud

Ares84HU2002d ago

Love it how the media and so called "analysts" say that we economy is bad right now and this makes people cry saying they don't have money yet retail profits are through the roof.

I think the best indication of an economy is retail profit. Maybe we aren't in such a bad shape that the media and certain people want us to believe.