2 men spend 12 days in jail for Facebook comments against Cong

India Today - Even as the uproar over the recent arrest of two Thane girls over an allegedly "inflammatory" message posted on social networking site Facebook is yet to fade away, a similar case has now come to light wherein two men from Mumbai had to spend 12 days behind the bars and even lose their jobs.

In the shocking example of the alleged misuse of Information and Technology Act , the men -- K.V. Rao and Mayank -- were arrested for allegedly posting offensive comments against some Congress leaders on their Facebook group earlier this year.

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-Mezzo-2062d ago

This is why i never share political views online.

SilentNegotiator2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

You're Indian, then?

edit: Then what's the problem? Do they have similar laws where you live?

KingPin2061d ago

whatever happened to freedom of speech.

so if they said it to all their friends in person its ok but because its typed on facebook its not? i dont get it.

Speed-Racer2061d ago

Depends where you live. They aren't too tolerant of it in the UK either.