Ubuntu is still half baked. It cannot replace Windows or OS X!

UpcomingTechnology.ORG - Ubuntu is Open Source with a great GUI and ample amount of features. I have met a quite a number of people saying ‘I have downloaded my free OS. I am ditching Windows and switching to Ubuntu‘. That’s easier said than done. Ubuntu is nice when it comes to it’s very large developer community and the new Unity (reminds me of Windows Charms and Mission Control). For any technology enthusiast, it’s always a moment of sudden interest in any free software initiative, particularly when it’s an Operating System. Ubuntu left me disappointed.

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KingPin2004d ago

coming from previous versions of ubuntu, i think 12.10 is equivalent to windows vista. the reliability just isnt there.

my pc was also moving laggy but after resolving some drivers it worked ok. before i never once had that issue. even 12.04lts worked fine.

Finalfantasykid2004d ago

I'd say the system stability (crashing etc.) has not been an issue for me. However unity is still buggy, in particular when it comes to things like keeping track of opened programs. Sometimes it looses track of them, in particular with less native applications like Libre Office (which is largely written in Java). I really like Unity though, I think it is currently the best desktop environment, but it is just too bad it is buggy. It is slowly improving, but it is still a ways away from being perfect.

KingPin2004d ago

thats one thing i loved about ubuntu. hardware was just natively supported. now that thats gone <for my pc> solving driver issues wasnt as easy as id hoped. but after internet help i managed to get it going.

unity is the best there is. like you said, its the bugs that brings it down. but the foundation is there and it will be improved upon quite quickly. just a matter of time.

i suppose the thing is once its up and running its an awesome OS to use. i really prefer it over windows but its the getting it up and running 100% part thats the headache.

SilentNegotiator2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Use another Linux distro, first of all. Ubuntu is rarely considered the best anymore anyway.

And replace HOW? Is it SUPPOSED to "replace" them? It's an open source platform operating system that uses relatively few resources and performs all of the functions that the average computer user needs. Do you really think it's supposed to "replace" corporate marketed and developed OSes?

Axecution2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

He put Ubuntu on a MacBook.

It's a pretty well known fact that Ubuntu is NOT supported by Mac hardware. Something about the way Boot Camp emulates the Windows BIOS really screws with Other OS options on macs.

I've tried many different times on my Macbook and iMac, and it is just way too complicated to get the drivers and whatnot for the mac hardware installed on a linux os.

Ubuntu on my PC was simple and took only a few minutes to get working perfectly.
To be totally honest i use Windows 8 and Mountain Lion more than Ubuntu. I just dont see the point of booting to Ubuntu if i cant run my music editing software (Pro Tools, Logic, and GarageBand), cant play games, etc. Open Source almost feels more closed... like im limited to programs made for linux, which there's such a lack of it's almost pointless.

I do love the effects though >.>

wishingW3L2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

MAC hardware is the same as the PC. They even share the same architecture dude... This is not the early 2000's anymore.

sabergeek2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Well, as rightly pointed out by wishingW3L, Macbooks aren't different when it comes to the hardware. It's only the design and the operating system that pushes Macs way out of the PC category. The only problem is when Ubuntu is wrongly touted to be a Windows/ Mac replacement and even with the stability issues aside, it still has poor support for even mid-level hardare configuration (from 2007-2010's). It's because of certain popular online media that such claims are wrongly put up.

dirthurts2004d ago

I use Ubuntu on my laptop without any issues. Ofcourse, I only use that for internet access and the occasional video, but for me it works great. I actually chose it over other os's, for this particular situation anyway.

pupa2004d ago

"Ubuntu is still half baked. It cannot replace Windows or OS X!"
We all know that, the situation will never change while there are so many different distro versions out there.

As for ease of use and functionality Linux still have eons to go!