iPhone 5S release date, news and rumours

Techradar: The iPhone 5 may still be fresh out the oven, but whispers have already begun to surface that an iPhone 5S successor could go into production as early as next month.

The early arrival of the iPad 4 and the iPad mini - just eight months after the release of the iPad 3 in March - has meant that Apple still has the ability to surprise and we could well see an iPhone 5S appear earlier than expected.

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BlmThug2008d ago

x'D sad for those who purchased an iPhone 5

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

These apple phones reminds me of our current call of duty craze.

jammy_702008d ago

I know what you mean but I disagree iPhones are awesome cod is not....

CraigandDayDay2008d ago

Well damn, I was gonna get a 5 but I might as well wait. haha Tech moves way too damn fast. I wish both Apple and Samsung would have two year phone cycles. Release a new one every two years so people have time to actually enjoy their "new hotness" before it become the "old model." LoL

I just wonder what in the hell is Apple gonna put on the 5s that the 5 doesn't have?

I agree. Call of Duty has gotten so mindless with it's yearly regurgitated releases. haha I mean, sure, they give new features and modes and stuff but they should just release one game and keep releasing yearly DLC to add to that one game instead of us paying another $60 every year and buying DLC that doesn't even work with the next game.

abzdine2008d ago

i dont believe they think the same they will just buy 5S like they did with 4S. apple knows how to screw them and them seem to approve the technique so who's to blame? it's the buyers.

alb18992007d ago

I'm not sad at all.
You don't have to own the newest thing always and if you do then it has a price.
I have an iPhone 4 and I can change it but until I can't do everything I need from a cellphone with it I won't change it.
But, hey!....this is can do WTF you wanna do!!!

JameMarin2002d ago

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Gondee2008d ago

Apple is killing the single most important part of their sales model.... People know what they are getting.

KingPin2008d ago

milk milk milk

just after people shell out for the 5S, BAM!!! iphone 6 motherf*7ckers.

Consoldtobots2007d ago

i dont care if they roll out the iphone 12, im happy with my 3s

ZILLA2008d ago

here come the sheep.ppl cant be thos ignorant

Tzuno2008d ago

buy a 4 and wait for 6 for a real jump ahead. good day.

abzdine2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

.. or not ! they will add more icons to the screen and call it upgrade and people will cash double price for the last version.

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The story is too old to be commented.