China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days

CWO - Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), a subsidiary of the Broad Group based in Changsha in Hunan province, China, insists that it will deliver its 220-storey Sky City within the targeted 90 days, rather than in 210 days as rumoured by the media.

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-Mezzo-2066d ago

DAMN. It'll be sick if they actually achieve the 90 Days target.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2066d ago

I am not getting in it. That sound like it will be unstable over time. What is the point anyway.

ArmrdChaos2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

And more than likely funded entirely with American loan dollars. It would be nice if they for once quit borrowing so we can start upgrading our own infrastructure instead of building up everyone elses. =[

Kaneda2065d ago

The last time I checked that China loaned us the money! They actually own us...

FlameBaitGod2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

LMAO! OMGOSH!, This is how badly inform people are or what LOL!. If china wanted all the $ the US owes them right now, Obama would have to hand over the US completely to pay lol!.

ArmrdChaos2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

That was the point I was making...

Between the interest from all loans to the US and actual profits they yield at our expense... so yeh they are building up their economy with our help.

But hey...Econo 101 experts dog pile away. =)

ArmrdChaos2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

After could have been worded more clearly...when I was refering to "they" I was talking about the US government.

KingPin2065d ago

theres just no words.....

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Kaneda2066d ago

Yeah, and it will collapse in 90 secs...

ZeroX98762065d ago

don`t worry, with just the Interest income of the US debt, It will be build again in no time.

Trunkz Jr2065d ago

Built in 90 days... This is probably going to be one unsafe build and not built very well.

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Moentjers2066d ago

It takes only 90 seconds to collapse so yes, it should be possible.

Kaneda2065d ago

ahahaaa.. I said them samething above...

sourav932066d ago

Well, you know what they say about things "Made in China"...

big_dom_returns2066d ago

What do they say? Or should I say, what do Americans say? Generally the stuff I've bought that's made in China is made to a decent to high standard. Now, if it says "Made In America": that's when I'd worry.

Bimkoblerutso2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I know you were attempting expose a bit of good ol' fashioned american hypocrisy, but a ton of our American companies outsource production to china and other foreign countries. Youre not going to find all that much over here that was genuinely made and assembled in america, meaning there is a very wide berth of quality coming out of china, from great to piss poor.

And no amount of American hypocrisy is going to change the fact that China does, in fact, have MUCH laxer quality control procedures in place for the majority of their work force.

More on topic, they also have much laxer safety procedures in place, so the thought of building the biggest building in the world faster than anyone could possibly imagine building it, is actually pretty...frightening.

Panthers2066d ago

All I know is China produces all of those cheap plastic rip offs, like this.

Do they not have copyright laws there?

Soldierone2066d ago

I'd like to know where your getting this "high quality" Chinese stuff lol

Action figures all of it now made in China and look terrible.

M_Prime2066d ago

@Soldierone Every iPhone is made in China

Dasteru2065d ago

The "Made in America" label legally only requires 51% of the product to actually be made in the US. The other 49% can be made anywhere including China and still have the "Made in America" label.

It also doesn't matter what parts of that 51% are made in the US, they could have all the complex/functional parts made in China and just an overload of US made aesthetics planted on it and still claim it as made in america.

Point of post, Ignore the "Made in" label on products and use your own eyes to determine its quality. Don't just assume its good or bad based on where it claims to be made.

Ben_Grimm2065d ago


Sourav is American? Where did you get this source from. Or was it automatically assumed?

Which most anonymous keyboard commentors do.

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Speed-Racer2066d ago

The reality is that a lot of construction products are pre-manufactured and it's just about plugging the pieces together like a lego set. Also as someone else mentioned, they don't really take things into consideration like OSHA safety checks. But I've seen a few projects first hand done by the Chinese and they work beyond the call of duty and still maintain a pretty impeccable record of safety (surprisingly). Whether or not the structure can stand up to the rigors of mother nature is another question.

hazelamy2066d ago

by which they probably mean they secretly started two years ago and now they're nearly finished they'll tell the rest of the world and claim they built it in 90 days.

M_Prime2066d ago

its pretty hard to hide a 220 story building man

Cirran2066d ago

I can see it being made in 90 days in china. The main reason it takes so long to get stuff done in EU/US is health and safety. I think the main question shouldn't be if the 90 days is legit or even about the quality of the building....The main question should be how many people died in the making of this building? And how many will jump from the top once it is complete?

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