This Black Friday...

Tech Corner:

Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season. In the past, my involvement with Black Friday was that I was on the retail end. I ended up having to work horrible hours and deal with horrible people that were trying to buy cheap junk. The past few years, I have had the pleasure or misfortune of being one of those horrible people, shopping during horrible hours that were trying to buy cheap junk. I'm not sure whether I finally learned my lesson or i'm just too poor this year, but I will try my hardest to avoid being one of those people. That is until my wife decides that we "need" something.

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Zerg2068d ago

You can take your guide and shove it! Deals FTW!!!

TechCorner2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Lol. I'm not even mad, that was just right. That's a +1 from me.