Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Beats Samsung Galaxy S3 At Retail: What Does This Mean For Nokia?

Mobile & Apps: "Despite the problems faced by the Nokia Lumia 920, it appears the handset is doing relatively well so far, and could continue down this path well into 2013 if demand increases during the Holiday season."

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wwsurfers1915d ago

I am happy for Nokia's company. That's good news

Gondee1915d ago

I hope Nokia replaces samsung as #2 one day...

raytraceme1915d ago

You mean number 1 right? Cuz apple is definitely not #1 and nokia is still #2.

Speed-Racer1915d ago

I'm sorry, but I'm seeing 2 Samsung products in the first two spots. A bit premature are we with that statement?