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Netflix CEO: Amazon Losing Up to $1 Billion a Year on Streaming Video

AllthingsD-"Reed Hastings says that, one day, Amazon will provide real competition for Netflix."

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dkgshiz2072d ago

Netflix is no golden child by any standards. I wait for weeks sometimes months for any decent content.

SilentNegotiator2071d ago

It's only worth it to me because it has a couple old (and new) show series on it.

They definitely need to work on a more steady stream of new content, though. They've really been slacking on new movie releases lately.

Captain Qwark 92071d ago

sons of anarchy, watch it if you havent. i let it sit there forever, dumb move, craaaaaaazy good show

Gondee2072d ago

Amazon has the benefit of additional income. Netflix literally almost spends every dollar on their content. If i remember right, they make about $2 per person per year. That means they only make $~.16 per month per user. Those are punishing margins... The video industry is fighting digital flat rate content. They think their content is still worth what it was 15 years ago, when in reality the rise of the internet (straight to user content) has dramatically cut the value of their shows (advertising wise). All these price hikes are just to artificially keep the original viewing ad value.

OneAboveAll2071d ago

Ugh.. leaving your home for movie/game rentals? Such a primitive...

Speed-Racer2072d ago

Amazon has retail, they have web services, and many other products that could support this loss. Meanwhile, Netflix has nothing else other than streamed content.

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The story is too old to be commented.