Doing the Limbo with AMD Stock: How Low Can You Go?

Maximum PC: Shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have fallen below $2, dropping more than 3 percent to $1.86 by the end of the trading day on Thursday. That's not only a 52-week low for the Sunnyvale chip designer, but it's the first time the company's stock has dipped below $2 since 2008. A recent report indicating AMD had hired J.P. Morgan Chase to "explore options," including an outright sale of the company, sparked the downward spiral, and though AMD has denied claims it's shopping itself around, investors are understandably skittish.

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newsguy2073d ago

wow, story provides such great context for AMD's demise

SKUD2073d ago

I hope AMD finds proper leadership to correct its issues. It should be a great opportunity for someone with the knowledge and guts. A successful turnaround would be a great story to read.