Samsung Galaxy Note II Review | Leviathyn

Leviathyn | The 5.5-inch screen hits Leviathyn and while most carriers have it out already, those on Verizon still sitting on there hands waiting may find it good news to know that the wait is well worth it. The Galaxy Note II isn't a perfect phone but it comes really close. We hit all the points in our review including specs, design, hardware, software, and just how good the S Pen is.

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AztecFalcon2070d ago

This needs to release on Verizon already.

KingPin2070d ago

friend got this phone, its a beast!!

only downside i have with it personally is the size, but i suppose i could get used to it. i mean i did buy the HTC desire Z previously and that phone was "heavy" compared to other phones at the time and i got used to that so yeah....

samsung really outdone themselves on this phone. its like just when you thought the S3 couldn't get better, they just did.