Preview Version of Internet Explorer 10 Lands on Windows 7

Maximum PC: If you've long since switched to Chrome or Firefox and have been flirting with the idea of giving Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser another glimpse, now is a good time to do so. Microsoft released the preview version of IE10 to Windows 7 today, keeping with the mid-November time frame the Redmond software maker announced a month ago in an MSDN blog post.

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Speed-Racer1890d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


The fact that I am getting disagrees is plain stupid. 32% of Internet users still use it as of the end of October.

newsguy1890d ago

Google Chrome is so much better!

wishingW3L1889d ago

on N4G you get disagrees for even asking a question! XD

fatstarr1889d ago

IE has really gotten their shit together,

its not horrid like it used to be with Ie 5-7
it got better but I still prefer Chrome and Opera and firefox before it.

IE9 > safari though

sjaakiejj1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Not for as far as us web developers are concerned. IE is still as shitty as they come for us - we make something work on all browsers, test it on IE, and guess what - it doesn't work, and in fact has a tendency to do the most backward thing it can possibly do.

It's amusing until you realize you have deadlines coming up.

GrumpyVeteran1890d ago

Forces Bing search in address bar, can't change it in IE10, must manually navigate to first.

mcstorm1890d ago

This is not true. If you go to tools and manage Add ons you can select your default search in there.

But I really don't see an issue with MS settings Bing as there default search as Chrome uses Google as its default search.

Ive been using IE10 for a few months now and for me it works a lot faster than chrome and I use SharePoint a lot and Chrome dose not work right as it is missing parts and the same for OWA.

For me MS have really got IE back to the good old days and for me its the best browser on the Market at the moment for what I need out of a browser.

wishingW3L1889d ago

IE faster than Chrome... You can go to any browser comparison and Chrome ALWAYS comes out on top!

Axecution1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


"But I really don't see an issue with MS settings Bing as there default search"
Cause bing is awwwwwfuuuulllll

"it works a lot faster than chrome"
LOL if you say so

Hey sort of a off-topic comedic thing i realized today after updating the 360. You need to have a Gold Account to open Internet Explorer on the 360. LOL YOU NEED TO PAY TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER. I laughed at the screen for like 2 or 3 minutes before starting Halo 4 haha

sjaakiejj1889d ago

"Chrome uses Google as its default search. "

Except it doesn't. Upon starting for the first time, it asks the user which search provider it would like to use as default. Just because everyone picks Google doesn't mean it's enforced ;)

mcstorm1889d ago

Yet again people fain to read what is put. I did not say ie was faster than chrome in general i said for what i use it for it is faster.

Plus bing for me has a better result in its search for what i use it for.

I also never said chrome is worse than ie again i said for me ie works better.

I use chrome on my xoom as its a good browse for my tablet but what i use my pc for ie is better than any other browser as it has less issues.

GrumpyVeteran1887d ago

I tried that and it still forced Bing in the address bar search.

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aviator1891889d ago

Quit lying.

Just go to add-ons, go to search providers and it's there.