Do We Need Microsoft On Our Post-PC Devices?


It was reported that "Microsoft will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013" this Wednesday. This is an app that had a very high demand but, Microsoft have not conjured up an app until now. Has this come three years too late for it to be competitive?

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techtheweek2069d ago

What are your thoughts on Mcrosoft on Post-PC devices? Do we need it? Is it too late?

HELLSAINT258PPS2069d ago (Edited 956d ago )

No and yes. They should of jumped into the once obscure market back in 2008 and taken the the rise of "Post-PC Devices" as less of a joke then the took it to be... With that said it appears Microsoft has realized there almost completely monopolistic period is long since over. And are attempting rapidly to evolve and grow in a direction that complies with what people expect and demand of their products today. Products that people would not only buy, but be happy and comfortable using in their daily lives also. But who knows? Only time will tell if Microsoft can do this.

techtheweek2069d ago

I agree. But, I think we have managed to cope without Word for a while on our post-pc devices. There are good alternatives already on the market. As you said, only time will tell