Woman buys cheap iPad, gets mirror instead

Cnet-"A woman thinks she scored the deal of the decade in a Texas gas station. Now when did that ever happen?"

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SKUD1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

No lenses in those frames. Is that some sort of style now?.

Speed-Racer1414d ago

Those silly hipsters taking it to a next level.

fatstarr1414d ago

lmao shes a fool and a sheep following stupid trends.

jack who1414d ago

jobs says shes using it wrong

kingPoS1414d ago

If some dubious guy claims he's selling a new ipad from his car trunk for $200 I'd laugh and walk away. I won't say see deserved it because she didn't, nobody does. But come on! Couldn't she have rubbed two pennies together and made cents of what going on.

How can some people be so naive?

Mark4841414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

So costly mirror !!! I will never try to buy cheap gadgets.

fatstarr1414d ago

Lmao someone just cashed in on a casual apple sheep.

she could have bought a nexus 7

LMFAO the guy prolly seen this on the news
"Got emmmmmmmmmmmm "
hahahha and then he duct taped the mirror with the logo and everything