NVIDIA And NyKo Bring Console Style Gaming To Android!

Techologie-Aimed at the hardcore Android gamers, the NyKo PlayPad connects to your Android device via Bluetooth. This bad boy allows for console style gaming where ever you may be. Stuck in traffic, no problem, whip out this bad boy and your good to go.

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illmatic2076d ago

i believe so. As long as it has tegra 2 or 3

Trunkz Jr2075d ago

Apple will steal the idea somehow and then sue claiming they invented it.

SilentNegotiator2075d ago

Come off it, man. Apple doesn't need to come up and be attacked in every android article.

hard joe2075d ago

can the d pad and analog replace touch control?
i have touch screen phone with qwerty keyboard
but some games can't be played with keyboard