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AMD Radeon HD 7970 vs. Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Take Two

Maximum PC: Earlier this year both AMD and Nvidia released all-new 28nm GPUs, resulting in AMD taking the single-GPU performance crown momentarily with its HD 7970 before Nvidia swiped it away a few months later with its GeForce GTX 680. It’s been awhile since we’ve even thought about either of these cards as we’ve been busy testing their binned counterparts for most of the year, but this past week AMD released a new Beta driver that it claims provides "significant" performance improvements for its already-potent HD 7000 series cards. Just one day later Nvidia pounced, releasing its own Beta driver which also claimed to boost performance in a wide variety of popular titles. This happens all the time; as soon as one manufacturer holds an advantage the other strikes back in order to help drag the performance crown back to its own camp, typically via an overclocked card, improved drivers, or both.

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mpctips2231d ago

Always love a good old fashioned GPU fight!

ChrisW2229d ago

I also love it when people post the proper link... not just to the JPG of the two graphics cards.

M_Prime2227d ago

that's an amazing link to the .jpg image. I was blown away, i don't know why you are complaining.