Microsoft has no plans for a second Windows 7 Service Pack

The Register: Waiting for a second Windows 7 Service Pack? Keep waiting – it doesn't sound like Microsoft will be releasing one. Sources close to Microsoft's sustained engineering team, which builds and releases service packs, have told The Register there are no plans for a second Windows 7 SP – breaking precedent on the normal cycle of updating Windows.

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Aussiegamer2056d ago

Keep dreaming, windows is here to stay for a long time yet.

madascanbe2056d ago

I don't know, they are locking the whole OS down tighter than a duck a**. I see it as PC's aren't that far away from been nothing more than a console or terminal in that you will not be able to develop anything unless you pay Microsoft in some way weather it be by 3rd party or directly to them.
For me i would like to see someone come to the front and bring a new OS out but not Google, Android or Apple they all seem to be a bit to controlling. If Linux had a bit more support I wouldn't hesitate to make the switch.

GrumpyVeteran2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

^ Google & Android are one of the same -- and android is very, VERY open, nothing tight about it.

Seriously, it's more open than a lady of the night that has been working for 40 years straight.

Current Linux OSes on the desktop are interesting but not Ubuntu as that's also going down a bad path. Linux Mint maybe.

evil_element2055d ago

@GrumpyVeteran Keep telling ya self that about Google and the Android platform.

Android isn't actually property of Google, its just so happenly google bought the name of it.

Google are very much control freaks at their heart but try and hide their intentions. Google has successfully suppressed the android community and classed chromium and any other android projects as junk. They sell Andorid as a platform when its free as free gets.

As for Mac, Apple have never sold Mac OSX or devices as infinite possibilities with infinite freedom. That's never been there ethos. Apple ethos is we make OUR hardware and OUR software for OUR own systems.

If you actually read about Apple computers you will find they are only for personnel use not specialised industry use i.e. medical, energy, government e.t.c