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Apple v Google: US judge dismisses patent lawsuit

BBC : A US judge has dismissed Apple's case in which it alleged that Google's Motorola unit was seeking excessive royalty payments for patents.

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caseh2028d ago

Get the f*ck out of here Apple, you take 30% commission on all sales via the app store and then have the cheek to say that 2.25% on a patent you clearly need the use of is too high.

I wish it was Samsung who owned it to be honest, the taste of revenge would have been oh so sweet.

KingPin2028d ago

Apple are a bunch of stingy motherf$ckers.

they just won a billion from samsung on a patent that shouldnt have been granted and cant even use that to fund their newer phones.

i say google/Moto should tell apple to take their $1 dollar and shove it and dont bother making licensing deals with them, instead they should team up with nokia/samsung/htc. Apple will then go to court and cry and throw their toys around like a 5yr old.

badz1492027d ago

damn you and your dirty lawyers!

Bimkoblerutso2027d ago

WTF? So....probably the biggest patent trolls of all time are attempting to sue because they don't want to pay royalties for a patent...that THEY DON'T GODDAMN OWN!?

How are they even being taken seriously at this point?