Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

TheVerge - Last year, I quit my job at AOL and Engadget to join a small internet publishing startup and build what would become The Verge and Vox Media. After a lot of hard work, I am proud to say The Verge has been a success — we have hired, invested, and grown during what remains a massive recession.

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Syko2026d ago

Agreed,Hopefully people don't just read the title and go WTFFMLARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG...It is well worth a read.

-Mezzo-2026d ago

Agreed, i was linked to this story by a friend on G+, and even though i have nothing to do with Obama, Romney or the White House, i thought this must be shared.

I was expecting some reports on this story & was ready with an explanation, that why this story should be on TechSpy. Guess that won't be needed anymore. =]

SilentNegotiator2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Obama barely understands what "net neutrality" is with a teleprompter, same as Romney. After advisers tell them how to vote, they would both work to have a free internet without TOTALLY deleting restrictions...and they need Congress to do that anyway. ACTA support on Obama's end scares me more anyway.

Why I'm not happy with the idea of more Obama:
NDAA, ACTA, won't label China a currency manipulator (much worse than Romney for just having his distant securities doing things), Libya (hypocrisy on his promises to not get involved in civil wars), lack of action on immigration, healthcare that comes with idiotic amounts of bloating and earmarks (along with foolish limitations), foreign support we can't afford (and to countries like Brazil and India that don't need it). Not to mention the exponentially increasing debt and fact that he could barely rally congress when democrats owned it (and used that time to push out the unfinished, bloated healthcare bill).

I would have taken Ron Paul, but that's a no go and I think he's heading towards retirement. There were at least 2 democrats that I liked more in the 2008 primaries, too.

Feel free to argue, but don't get belligerent because our views differ. I'm reasonable enough to have a real discussion if you want one. And if you call me a Republican, I will bite your jugular. I'm a Libertarian realistic enough to know that a third party has no chance because the Government doesn't give them the same amenities.

T3MPL3TON 2025d ago


The thing I find odd that you failed to mention is, every issue you have with Obama would be compounded and increased 2-fold with, Romney.

Have you actually been paying attention? Have you not heard his plans? Have you not seen his actual voting history? The only parts of America that will grow with him in charge are the parts that don't need to be growing. Which is why we have an issue now.

Don't pretend like Romney, would be some God send because he wont be. He destroyed Massachusetts' economy and over spent when they were already in the red. These are the same things people blame, Obama for.
Which is also hilarious seeing as it was Bush, who caused this snowballing of, America.

Obama, has had 4 years to fix 8 years of compounded issues and trash. You don't get rid of 8 years worth of debt and nonsense in 4 years. You can't. Obama, can't and Romney will continue to make it worst.

I find it funny that you as a Libertarian, would even imply that any of the issues we have are caused by, Obama. It's been the Republicans who've caused 89% of the debt. Obama, is one man. Against how many seats of, The House? Those same seats that want nothing more than to have their pockets lined and their over full bellies to be fed more.

SilentNegotiator2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

"The thing I find odd that you failed to mention is, every issue you have with Obama would be compounded and increased 2-fold with, Romney"
That's because that isn't true. Romney was against SOPA/PIPA (by extension, ACTA). Romney is for treating China as the currency manipulators that they are, working with other free nations to negotiate with China. He's for cracking down on immigration. People challenge him on Iran, but that's a clear stability issue (unlike Libya). And he already has experience with healthcare problems (issues ignored when drafting Obamacare). He is for cutting foreign aid to countries that don't need it.

"Don't pretend like Romney, would be some God send because he wont be"
How does "I wanted Ron Paul, I liked two other democrats in the primaries" equate to "Mitt is a godsend"?

"Obama, has had 4 years to fix 8 years of compounded issues and trash. You don't get rid of 8 years worth of debt and nonsense in 4 years"
So exponential increase is EXPECTED in the first four years, then?

You rant about how Republicans caused all the debt, how they only care about becoming richer, blah blah're clearly not a person that knows things beyond the silly political cartoon stereotypes.

"Obama, is one man"
No, he is an entire administration. He doesn't work alone in the White house and those people are a major part of all of his decisions. He sent more troops because he was advised to. He got involved in Libya because he was advised to.

Sadly, your response was exactly the sort of thing I expected; an outburst of labels and assertions directed at me that aren't formed by logic from what I actually said. It's exactly what happens when you debate politics with the average person.

Another 4 years of economic suicide! HOORAY!

Ranma12025d ago

Ron Paul is the only good politician

Bryan5742025d ago

Yep, both Obama and Romney are bought and paid for by same corporations like Goldman sachs to carry on with more wars and printing money out of thin air to pay for these wars which will in return kill the dollar due to inflation. I rather put my vote towards a guy who gets more donations from active military then any other candidate combined including Obama. Someone who will bring us down to reality because this global empire can't continue as the dollar will soon be on life support. Ron Paul gets my vote as choosing between the lesser of two evils isn't good enough.

Huma2025d ago

Great Read Approved.

SnakeCQC2025d ago

whoevers the president the worlds worse off didnt obama try to pass acta and sopa? didn't he also authorise a raid on kim dotcom in another country without a warrant? he has also done over 3 times the amount of drone strikes as bush and in more countries (yemen and pakistan) and he's not killing terrorists he's killing innocent men women and children on top of that he's responsible for the extended hold over a photographer over revealing to the world the drone strikes in yemen he has also detained whistleblowers and tried journalists with the espionage act more times than all the other presidents combined he has also threatened american journalists with being charged indefinitely obama wasn't the change anyone wanted he has made the world worse!

gamernova2025d ago

Bush was a complete idiot. Do you think electing a man that shares his ideals is really what is best for our country? Obama is not perfect but then again name one president that was. It sure beats the hell out of a man that changes his story in front of people's faces and still expects them to vote for him. Romney is a liar. Don't believe me? Look up the quarrel that he had with Jeep about them moving to china.

SnakeCQC2025d ago

I said all others have been pretty bad but obama in some ways has been worse than his predecessors the words drone strikes don't weigh heavy enough on people(there has been no proof that obamas has targeted any terrorist by drone strike but there are lawyers in pakistan with hundreds of case files of family of the victims of drone strikes trying to pursue legal avenues. obama the "democrat" is a secret republican(known for horrendous foreign policy) and no actual democrat dares oppose the bs of their leader but if there was a republican there would be opposition to all the horrendous stuff committed and america these days seems to be akin to the pages of 1984 where real journalists are suppressed and idiots on fox news(had 69% of america believe sadam hussein was behind 9/11 which was total bs) are given free reign to their propaganda. Sorry for the long reply and if any of it seems offensive but its just something i feel really passionately about and i have family in pakistan so when i hear of drone strikes there its scary.

SilentNegotiator2025d ago

If you really believe that Romney has the exact same beliefs as Bush, you clearly don't know enough to discuss politics.

Speed-Racer2025d ago

No he didn't try to pass SOPA or PIPA. While the lower house and senate may have pushed it, it's a due process and he would have still had the final call whether to veto the act.

SilentNegotiator2025d ago

Signing ACTA almost effectively makes him a supporter of those bills, however.

Blasphemy2025d ago

You think that anything will be different if Romney gets in office?

frjoethesecond2025d ago

It makes no difference who you vote for. The American president is a puppet.

Tzuno2025d ago

Pick me, i will bring back the 90's