Acer on Microsoft' Surface Strategy: Hope You Like Eating 'Hard Rice'

Maximum PC: Acer has never been particularly keen on the idea of competing with Microsoft in the hardware space, and apparently the Taiwanese manufacturer is still holding a grudge. In a recent interview with Tancent Technology, Linxian Lang, president of Acer's Greater China division, warned Microsoft that the hardware business is like "hard rice" and "is not so easy to eat." Say what?

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Gondee2049d ago

Acers business model is based on low profit margins, and a bulk of cheap goods. Microsoft isn't doing that, they have opted for a more premium model. Microsoft can win the hearts of consumers so long as it provides great premium products and keeps their reputation that of quality.

When apple comes out with say a tablet most say oohh, looks nice, i want one.

When acer releases a tablet people say (assuming they even know if it) oh, is it any good?

Microsoft can build that base of fans who trust their products, so long as they don't mess up....