iPad mini holds up well during drop and dunk test

9to5mac: SquareTrade posted its drop test for the iPad mini to give us a look at how the 7.9-inch tablet fares if an accident regretfully occurs. The warranty provider found the iPad mini to withstand drop and water damage quite well.

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Gondee1994d ago

Did anyone doubt that the Ipad Mini has a better construction than the N7?

Plastic < Aluminum

adorie1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Maybe, but the middle video is bad joke. The bottom video is a better "drop test" since it was done on concrete.

Gondee1993d ago

The only test that really deserves any consideration is the Square trade test. All devices hit the ground at the exact same velocity, and at a controlled location on the device. Even them, thats not the same speed your device would hit the ground since they all fell with their combined weights.