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5 Reasons To Get A Surface RT Tablet Over An Apple iPad This Christmas

Mobile & Apps: The Microsoft Surface RT tablet, with Windows RT at the helm, holds the promise to be a hit product for the holidays. However, Microsoft's tablet has competition from the iPad, and possibly the iPad mini.

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Elvis1866d ago

What about the Nexus 10? I think it's a better deal than both the Surface and the iPad.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1866d ago

As far as the Nexus 10 you know just because the screen is very high resolution probably nothing will benefit from it because most apps are scaled up phone apps. At least with iPad the apps take advantage of the retina display. As far as the surface the Apps scale great and look great although i just don't know how much Windows tablets will penetrate the market.

mcstorm1866d ago

ide get the surface over the ipad as it can replace all users pc's that are not power users or gamers.

Thr ipad is a single user device and is just a mobile os so you cant use a full office have next work mappings full printing or multi users.

I think windows 8 on tablets is going to be a big sucess over the next 5 years and i see people picking up a windows tablet over android and ios and over laptops and desktops for basic home users.

I dont see the pro version selling as well as the rt version for business, power users and gamers though i see them getting ultra books and desktops.

I dont think microsoft will push out apple or Google from the tablet market like microsoft did back in the day with windows 95 but i do see them gaining the main market share in this os.

But with microsofts new eco system and android and apples eco systems i see All 3 pushing each other all the way in the pc, tablet, ultrabook, and phone markets for along time to came as all 3 are here to stay.

astar1234567891859d ago

Sorry, no way ill stick with apple or nexus 10 their is now way I will get the ugliest os I have ever seen I hate it.