Microsoft Surface RT Review | Leviathyn | As I’ve said before, I’m an early adopter. I buy every new thing in tech that pertains to cell phones, gaming, tablets, and PC hardware. I have to have the newest thing. Part because I want to test them all. Part because I want to show things off. My friends are big into tech as well but they are smarter than me and wait. They know, just like I do, that what I’m buying can be considered beta products. I’ve been burned before when doing this but I can’t stop myself. I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I decided to help start a site like this. I know I’ll always have the latest thing to talk about.

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AztecFalcon2061d ago

The thing that really makes me want a Surface is the full Office apps. That would be so useful for me.

Gondee2061d ago

Good review, i like that he compared the unit to more than just one tablet. He seems to have experience using all of them!!

no_more_heroes2061d ago

Microsoft has Surface demo units set up in FIU's bookstore. Tried it out and walked away (along with a free bag and whatever-that-headwarmer-thing -is-called (a beanie?) quite impressed.

Now if only I could afford one...