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The new ”Galaxy S2” Dual Sim There is a new smartphone on market that looks exactly like the Samsung Galaxy S2, but it is dual sim and it’s made in Romania and it’s called Allview P4 DUO.

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Speed-Racer2001d ago

Quotes or not, this knock-off crap is not a Galaxy 2.

Brawler2000d ago

I agree I really thought they made a new S2 with dual sim. But then again dual Sim not very useful in North America.

gadgeek1999d ago

Well this is indeed a knock off... But Samsung did release Samsung Galaxy Duos (remember the first Samsung Galaxy)... and it is with dual Sim feature. Since where I live, we use pre-paid mobile connections and most of us have two connections. I'll welcome a Samsung Galaxy S II "Duos" any day, provided it is from Samsung and not from an apartment factory in Hangzhou.