Windows 8 and why it's a desktop disaster sat staring at the screen, my emotions lodged somewhere between dumbfounded and despondent. From what I was seeing, I knew I'd made a horrific mistake, and restitution must be made immediately. I'd been told time and time again there was no going back; what's done is done, you have to accept it, there's no living in the past. But a violation this total demanded only one response from me.

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Bimkoblerutso2060d ago

I agree with the author. It's very much a touch-based OS. It's marginally faster, and I'm told it's marginally more secure (we'll see), but for the most part, if you don't have a touch screen that's otherwise making the Windows 7 experience difficult to swallow, there's really no reason to upgrade at this point.

If you already upgraded, there are apps out already that can set things remarkably close to the W7 format, but's ridiculous that PC users are now essentially being clumped together with Microsoft's failing mobile market.

gamernova2060d ago

You don't have to get the apps. The apps are really just a part of the user interface. For example, skype. You can either keep the installation or get the app from the store. I for one like this new layer to windows. How is windows mobile failing? So they aren't as good as Android or Apple, so what? This does not mean they're failing. It just means that they have a long way to go to be number 1 and what better way to try to increase their numbers by showing some of the benefits of their mobile software on the large user base that has windows computers. It makes perfect sense to me. I like the apps although the selection is limited. I can only hope the selection increases.

BryanBegins2060d ago

Exactly what gamernova said.

At first I hated Windows 8 on my desktop, but then I realized it's my regular (and updated) windows 7 OS + the possibility of installing apps. I spend 95% of my time in the desktop, but it's nice to be able to have the other apps. Sure these ones would work better on a touchscreen, but it doesn't take away anything from the regular desktop (except that the start menu is now a start screen... big deal).