Google Tries To Woo Back Windows 8 Users Flirting With Bing Using a Clever New Video

Maximum PC: Windows 8 is far and away the most “Bing Centric” operating system to ever come out of Redmond, and if adoption is as brisk as Microsoft hopes, Google should be quite nervous. Novice users might get sucked into Microsoft’s cloud by accident, and considering how great all the new services are, Google risks never getting them back. So what’s the solution? A hilarious new video showing how to “Get Your Google Back”.

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blogger871966d ago

Actually I have seen a recent increase in Bing traffic for my blog. Plus Google is loosing relevant searches due to their pathetic algorithm changes which are simply aimed at increasing adwords revenue. They still make 70% from adwords unlike Microsoft, Apple or Amazon which have various sources of making big bucks. They should start with trying to make Android more profitable and stop meddling with the searches.

MaximusPrime1966d ago

I only use Bing for automatic images on my windows 7 desktop background. Not for searching

no_more_heroes1965d ago

I use it for Bing Rewards to score myself 400 free Microsoft Points (a 400 MP code costs 500 points). What I do is, whatever I search in google, I search again in Bing for the points.

Plus, like MaximusPrime said, for background images as well (they are usually really pretty) :P

mcstorm1965d ago

I also use Bing and have been for a few years now as for my job in IT Bing seems to give me better results for what I search for and I even have it as my default search on my Xoom.

Good video though as I know a lot of people still like to use Google.

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gadgeek1966d ago

The Amazing Spiderman uses prove that he is less amazing :D

Soldierone1965d ago

I would use it, but they snuck it on my Firefox update or something so when I open a tab it goes to Bing. Friggin I quit using it and went back to Google.

Can never find what I want on Bing, but Google is getting bad now too....

Gondee1965d ago

Wow, thats something Microsoft would do... lol