Google Nexus 10 Photos and Specifications Leaked

briefmobile - Just 2 days before Google’s Android Conference, the information about Google’s 10 inch tablet is leaked out. This tablet is manufactured by Samsung. Based on it’s specifications, the tablet is very powerful and what makes it even better is it’s new Android OS version (4.2).

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birkhoff2031d ago

Terrible Design! :)
The only good point about it's design is that the speakers come in front, but the look is really disappointing!
Despite the ugly design, the features are very good. If it costs around 200$, I'll put it in my Grocery List :D

DarkFireHawk2031d ago

Unfortunately I agree, I love Samsung and specially Android but Nexus 10 looks like a Chinese knock off, which is sad. I wished the news was fake, but unfortunately it isn't :(

The specs are ok, but if Apple proved something was that Design is more important than functionality.

BryanBegins2031d ago

My cheap Chinese tablet is better looking than that! This is insane. Why can't Samsung pull off a nice design like for the S3 (I really like the S3 or the Note II)?

No way it's costing $200 though, not with these specifications. I suspect $399. I wish we could get a Nexus 10 at $299 but I doubt it'll be the case here.

DarkFireHawk2031d ago

Well said, but something just isn't right here. A mistake like this can cost him the entire game, lets hope they have a rebuttal for this.

2030d ago
barb_wire2030d ago

Maybe Samsung are weary of Apple (and their sue happy lawyers) - can't say that design looks like an Apple (and maybe, that's the whole point)

DarkFireHawk2030d ago

Maybe its a message, who knows! I just hope they can come up with something better soon.