WiFi Hacker App Becomes Massive Trend on Google Play

Suck My Trend - An App that supposedly allows users to gain access to any nearby WiFi connections has become a massive trend on Google Play’s Trending App’s page. It has been flowing between the top 5 positions over the past couple of days, and it has stayed in an upward trend in terms of downloads.

Suck My Trend takes a look at it.

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Crazyglues2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

... And so it begins.. I guess COD Black-Ops II was right the future is Black...

the way this is going the future will soon become known as the most un-safe place you have ever been... (credit card fraud, identity theft, stolen bank accounts, and now WiFi internet connection stealing while using your actual password to the router)

Hackers - 1 Non-hackers(basically everyone else) - 0

Crazyglues2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Oh ok, I think i got up to the first part in grey when it said, " most advanced WiFi Hacker for Android" and I was thinking oh great now another thing I'll have to worry about...

didn't read past that, but wow, now that I have gone back and read the whole thing, thank god it was just a prank, that would suck if people were now able to hack my router, I'm running like 3 of those babies on my network..

Thanks for feedback.

-(amazing what you can miss if you just read the beginning of an article)

caseh2242d ago

Its the same type of app that used to draw in the noobs on facebook with claims like 'Add this app and see who has been looking at your profile' despite Facebook officially stating this isn't possible.

Although anyone determined enough to get into a wireless network won't have much of an issue if they know how to use BackTrack. :)

Gondee2241d ago

But the sad part is, if the devloper was more skilled, or actully had the intention of releasing a WiFi crack app he could quite easily. AirCrackNG and other software is open source i believe, and also is compiled native in Linux

SnakeCQC2242d ago

i rushed to my phone started google play and then read the article to see it was a f****** prank app this was a bigger letdown than dragon age 2

Nunchez2242d ago

That is some good stuff right there lol.