7-inch Tablets Comparison - iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD - Finally after waiting for so long, iPad mini is out. It’s a 7-inch apple tablet that runs iOS 6. Now that this new device is out, it’s time to compare it with the other top 7-inch tablets ( Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire HD ) to see who is playing better cards.

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DarkFireHawk2066d ago

iPad Mini . . . what a joke!

SilentNegotiator2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Feel free to explain why. Otherwise, I'd chalk your comment up to typical techspy Apple hate.

If any of those are a joke, it's the Kindle (or Nook tablet, interchangeably). Why would you WANT a tablet with so many restrictions? There are apps for those devices on both the App Store and Google Play! Just get a regular tablet and you can still read books on it.

These tablets need memory card slots. I would feel less ripped off if I didn't get any of these tablets.

DarkFireHawk2065d ago

I am an apple user - iPad in fact, but after someone bough me a Samsung S2 (not even the best in the series) I totally fell in love with Android.

The app store is not really giving you the freedom you as a user rightfully deserve. Your phone is not truly yours, you cannot make changes in the look and feel without jail breaking the phone. The only reason I bought an iPad was beccause of its size, it was big and patented at the time hence why I bought it.

I agree, kindle is a joke (as a pointed out somewhere in the below comments). HOWEVER it does make a great gift for a grandmother or mother that is not technosavy and wants to be introduced to it. It is a far better alternative than carrying that accursed fifty shades why walking on the street. It is a little more discreet.

The Android Play Market has grown insanely in the past few years, the number and the diversity of apps is just insane. iProducts are good for users that dont mind sacrificing functionality for performance, users that want a predefinded path, easy to follow. After all, Making choices is hard! and some people (like sheep) would only like to follow, no questions asked. Why should you bother with how many options you can have on your interface, or how many different mediaplayers you can have. Just use the one that is given to you - you wont need more. With that kind of mentality, sure iProducts are the best. But I assumed here people would want to explore the endless possibilities technology, to taste the TRUE freedom offered, nothing more and nothing less!

Do I hate apple? no! I just don't prefer it, because I want to be free. It is not about a phone, it is about what you stand for.

"They can take our wallets! but they will never take our FREEDOM"

M_Prime2066d ago

hmm... ipad mini is the only one that comes in the 64GB model and has the largest screen. I just didn't know there was a market for this.

I am glad to see apple decided LTE was a good idea in those new ipad minis, here in Toronto i get 25down and 25up over LTE, its better then my cable internet at home

also KINDLE always strikes me as a ebook reader

DarkFireHawk2066d ago

Well said! iPad mini does seem to have existed only to compete with latest models such as the Android sagas.

And kidle . . . I quite frankly don't understand the point! if you wanna read books, you can also do it on iPad or Nexus with more features! why would anyone want to limit themselves while with a couple of bucks more you can get much more out of the device!

BryanBegins2066d ago

I'm with you regarding the choice Nexus 7 vs Kindle (even the HD one). But I can see why the Kindle Fire HD is an attractive device for less tech savy people. It's especially convenient if you have amazon prime.

Plus, Google needs to start selling the Nexus 7 in stores. The average consumer goes to best Buy and see the Ipad at a high price and this attractive device (the Kindle Fire) at a very good price. He doesn't think about checking the Play store online.

M_Prime2066d ago


I agree with that, i don't know why those arent in stores yet. Considering the Nexus has a quad core system it may give apple a run for its money

Bimkoblerutso2065d ago

Funny enough, down the road when people forget that Apple was not the first company to come out with a 7" tablet, they will most likely sue over some obscure, latent patent, win (against all logic), and the ipod Mini will forever be remembered as one of the great benchmarks of the industry.

Elvis2065d ago

The iPad Mini is actually a good deal.

eferreira2065d ago

If I had to pick. I'd go with the ipad. It's app store cannot be matched. nexus looks cool tho.

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