It Only Took Seven Months For Apple To Make Me Feel Like A Chump

kotaku - On March 7, Apple announced the iPad 3. "Look how shiny it is!" Apple's executives preached to a crowd full of cheering fans and press. "Retina display! Brand new graphics! You want one!"

The pitch worked on me, and I bought one right away. Sure, it cost $600, but between the spectacular resolution, the impressive graphical capabilities, and the robust iPad-only app library, it seemed like a necessary trinket for gaming in 2012.

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-Mezzo-2037d ago

I always knew that if Apple didn't came back to it's senses soon, it's Demise would come. But i never thought that it'll be by their own hands.

aviator1892035d ago

I think they just launched the ipad 4 just to compete with the surface. Doesn't bother me, I'll be getting the surface pro anyways come january.