Is iPad Mini Worth Buying Over Nexus 7?

Chiphazard : Apple just unveiled the anticipated iPad mini that aims to target the budget 7-inch tablet eco-system where Nexus 7 currently holds the crown. Now that we know everything about the newly released gadget, the question arises if the iPad Mini really stands out to the Google’s Nexus 7 ?

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gadgeek2039d ago

Or maybe "Is iPad Mini worth buying over a smaller and smarter iPod Touch 4G"

KingPin2038d ago

Is iPad Mini Worth Buying Over Samsung galaxy Note 2?


mcstorm2038d ago

It all depends on what you want from your tablet depends on if you should get it or not. For me both of them are a no go I need a 10" tablet and my next one will be a Surface but if someone said they just wanted it as a pickup web browser and ereader I tell them to go for a Nexus 7 as it is cheaper and better for doing this.

eferreira2038d ago

I remember when the ipad was first announced and everyone said they were stupid because a laptop could do everything for a cheaper price. Funny how so many people forget and how other companies followed suit.

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