iPad Mini Announced

NRM: "After years of rumours, Phil Schiller has taken to the stage again at the California Theatre and announced the iPad Mini, officially entering the Cupertino-based company into direct competition with Google and Amazon this holiday season."

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mcstorm2064d ago

What i love about apple at the moment is they are going back on there words.

They said that 3.5" screen was the perfect size for a phone and now they bring us the 4" iphone 5 amd say it makes perfect sense.

Now they have the ipad mini after saying the ipad would not be smaller than it was with the 1st ipad.

Next we will have ipods that look like nokia lumia phones... O no they have done that. I see apple making the next ipad wide screen as this is how a tablet should be.

I really hope apples bubble bursts soon as im bored of what they are bringing to the market and i think both microsoft and google products are far better than what apple is doing.

To me Apple have become the old microsoft in terms of just reusing the same designs and not creating anything new and microsoft and google are now the leaders in the creative it world but only time will tell what will happen next.

Jaces2063d ago

Innovation died with Steve. This is the downward spiral of Apple. They'll eventually shrink it down to itouch size, SUPRISE, THE IPAD IS ACTUALLY AN ENLARGED IPOD TOUCH! LULZ!

mcstorm2063d ago

I agree and a lot of people keep forgetting that the technology industry is changing all the time.

You can not stay top of the tree all the time as well and a lot of the time when you are top of the tree you hit a zone that you get comfy in. Look at Microsoft. in the 00s they started to drop the ball in a big way and this is when Apple and Google started to gain market share outside of the pc.

Microsoft thought that everything was pc and laptop and pen tablets but they got it wrong and went the wrong way.

Now they have gone back to the drawing board and for me anyway have now got the right ideas in place.

Windows 8 RT on a tablet if sold right should sell very well for home users as its designed to have a one stop shop with the Windows 8 store but adding office printers usb and media access which both Android and IOS lack.

The you have the pro version for business will be everything you need form a full x86/64 OS so all you old programs/games ect will work but adding the App sore for home use as well makes it the all round pc but working on any format that works for you.(Tablet, Desktop, Ultra book ect).

I do think Microsoft will be the big player again over the next 10 years and Google will become 2nd and Apple will drop to 3rd but when this happens it could all change again.

Jaces2063d ago

The circle of life is the best example, rather circle of technology.

Veni Vidi Vici2063d ago

Sorry, but Steve Jobs wasn't nearly as innovative as people seem to think he was. Everything Apple came out with had already been done by other companies, just not executed as well. If you want to call "getting the execution correct", innovative, then go ahead. I'm pretty sure that philosophy was around before him, though.

KingPin2063d ago

i was expecting this

guess i am surprised.

SilentNegotiator2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

How techspy takes simple news that a smaller Ipad model is releasing:

"ZOMG No innovationz Aplple SUCKS! Dats totally the EXACT same thing as an ipod! HOW DARE they not be the first to release a 7" tablet!!! BRBRBRBRRRRBRBRBRBRRR!!"

The ipad isn't the only thing that should see a shrink.

KingPin2062d ago

How Apple takes simple news that they releasing a smaller iPad model:

"ZOMG this has never been attempted before. You can only do what you want on this device. We innovate, others follow. if you have an iPad, iPod or iPhone then you definitely need this coz its the only original device with a 7" screen."

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Crazay2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

WOW! a 7" screen on the iPad 3s... Amazing - simply amazing. If only someone else had thought of that. Right there folks - I present you with "Innovation"


abzdine2064d ago

it's called iPod touch for me.

killerhog2063d ago

People saw the iPad as a bigger iPod touch, now we have iPad minis that are like iPod touches? I think apple is running out of ideas and designs.

Mark4842064d ago

Really Impressed with iPad..

SquishyGorilla2064d ago

$329 is a really wonky price point for the iPad Mini.

armchaircritic002064d ago

What does that equate to over here?

barb_wire2064d ago

roughly 208 pounds (my keyboard doesn't have the pound symbol)

How much does the iPad 2 or 3rd gen Ipad go for over there?

SquishyGorilla2064d ago

Selling for 269 quid over here, so its the 208+VAT. Still not that £199 or $299 sweet spot. They'd probably sell like hotcakes with a price that attractive.

I don't know, just seems weird that they didn't go for that..

Bimkoblerutso2064d ago

Seriously...the internals of an ipad 2/5th gen touch approximately, no retina display, 16gb, and the non-4g model is $329? That's

Though it truly doesn't matter what they release at this point. People are still going to throw their money at Apple like they're selling the secret to eternal life.

Agent_00_Revan2063d ago

And thats just for the bare ass model. $569 for the 64gb WIFI ONLY!! Jesus Apple fans are crazy!

Veni Vidi Vici2063d ago

Apple's stock took a nasty hit when the price was announced. Wall St. didn't like it either.

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mamotte2064d ago

A 7" tablet. Why nobody tougth this before?

eferreira2064d ago

oh man why announce a new game system or car since they are previous models available. Such a dumb comment.

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