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Autodesk's Magic Finger Turns Any Surface into Touchscreen

AutoDesk : Maybe you have already heard in the last day or two about the innovative Magic Finger research. The Magic Finger turns any surface into a touch interface. Magic Finger is a research project from Autodesk Research in collaboration with the University of Toronto and University of Alberta.

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M_Prime2004d ago

that is the link to the video about magic finger, i found it more useful then the article about what it could do.

HOWEVER, i find that it actually makes things harder then easier. I mean scanning the stuff from magazines can be done with the camera of a phone and a tag program, would be faster too. same with the map on the tablet, it works better having the finger on top. the only kinda cool part is when he holds his hand out the window and looks at the traffic, but again if you are geek enough you can do that with a phone and tablet, or you can stick your phone out the window, take a picture and same results.

so unless you are a super spy, this seems like more work then help at the moment. Plus why would i want to print stickers? I hate printing regular stuff already like my concert tickets, and my keyboard has a volume control. I can also just tell my phone to text someone which is fast as well.