US Navy's Humanoid Robot Dances Gangnam Style

NRM: "The CHARLI-2 Humanoid, created by Virginia Tech and used for US Naval Research to become a potential future war machine, has continually demonstrated amazing stability and speed in walking. And now, giving an entirely new meaning to a 'warrior dance,' he also dances Gangnam Style."

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fatstarr2341d ago

thats pretty cool lol

the penetration of Gangnam Style. is so immense, I wonder if it will break into the top 5 viral videos category and its closing in on top 10 YouTube views.

KingPin2340d ago

whats the big deal with gangnam style? i just dont get it.

people look stupid doing it. its like the korean macarena. lame.

armchaircritic002340d ago

I still haven't seen this dance and continue to avoid it at every cost just 'cause.

Not falling for that one.

KingPin2340d ago

i only watched the dance to see what all the hype was. i mean if it was some dance that was anything like jabbawockees or something id be like "oh hell yeah. this shit is awesome." but to dance around like you handcuffed with itching balls, its just not on.

spicelicka2340d ago

It's the goofyness and simplicity of it really. I don't particularly like the dance but i understand why it's popular now. It's basically the fact that individually people just 'like' it, it's not amazing and everyone knows it, but the collective likability has just blown out of proportions out of pure luck for the singer, and that's kinda the meaning of "viral".

SKUD2340d ago

Robot research HARD AT WORK.

Ak47Russia2340d ago

US Navy Robot? really?

The Robot is as lame as the US Navy lololol