Twitter and Facebook 'harming children's development'

The Telegraph-"A generation of children risks growing up with obsessive personalities, poor self-control, short attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter, a leading neuroscientist has warned."

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fatstarr2069d ago

this article is spot on, its like having this distraction in college messed up my habits
and it made me way lazier than I ever was in highschool.
so young kids growing up like this will have it hard in the future.

bahabeast2068d ago

deffinately. when i was growing up and in high school at first thier was no internet till in night time simply because everytime phone ring i get kicked, then dsl came but still was onli chatrooms and whats not, rite now kids growing up are doomed from electronics on the whole. we will have more lazy and underdeveloped kids but the major game players dnt care they have fat pockets, i bet they dnt allow thier kids to use thier products because of how bad it is for young school kids to get addicted to non sense which facebook and twitter is loaded with.

KingPin2068d ago

first of all what are children doing on facebook and twitter. they should be in school socializing with kids and getting an education from 7am to 2pm <depending on where you from, but school hours is what i mean>. there is no need for them to have facebook or twitter, they aren't that important.

another thing facebook, twitter, texting, etc does, is mess up kids ability to spell words correctly. kids writing essays nowadays actually tend to write it as they are texting. its appalling.

bahabeast is what i'm talking about. deffinately (that looks right to you?), thier (its their. and the way you were using it in the first sentence, its there), onli, whats not (really?), dnt, non sense (its one word. nonsense). this is not a personal attack, im just using it as an example. but this is how kids nowadays actually spell.

cant wait for these kids to grow up with their limited spelling and come into the professional world. may god be with them.