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Sony patents temperature feedback controller

The Future Post: Sony has successfully patented a controller that will give either hot or cold temperature feedback.

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Speed-Racer2011d ago

Would this be enough to get people buying the Move though?

DarkBlood2010d ago

the problems lie in software use for me, i tried it out with re5 and i was having trouble *most likely due to camera placement*

but even so it wasnt mandatory and found my self using the dualshock again given between 2 options with one game you know im going to go with the controller by default

im assuming which is why i was ok with the wii having its remote controls as the standard package

im not sure where im going with my post but lol needless to say it has to be really really different in the same game for me to use the move more then the dualshock controller given the option

SilentNegotiator2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

No reason it could only be, or ever will be, implemented in the Move controller.

All that will ultimately matter to them (and their legal team) is that they have a filed patent with temperature feedback in A controller.

Soldierone2010d ago

I would assume its a lot harder to make the controller cold than it would be hot.

Speed-Racer2010d ago

My best guess might be some type of cooling fan. Can someone inform me if there is other tech that allows for cooling in such a confined area?

Soldierone2010d ago

The plastic would have to be really soft in order for a fan to cool it down fast, and be controlled to heat back up really fast.

My assumption was a coil based thing. Metal rods against the plastic to cool it down, and it could also heat it up extremely fast. All electric.

Speed-Racer2010d ago

I wonder if there are any air vents or perforations in the cold bands?

Soldierone2010d ago

Looking at the patent, the band leaves the controller and wraps around the controller?

Inside its connected to two switches, one turns the heat on and the other cold. The swiches connect to a heat/cold sync. The main purpose of it all is to heat up, and "cool" down though.

I don't think the main purpose was originally to cool it down, and thats what I was thinking as it would be hard for it to get cold. In terms of "cool" they just mean bring it back down to room temperature. "Cool the in game gun BACK down in real life"

HOWEVER the idea of the controller getting cool to help prevent sweaty hands, now I'm interested.

Kos-Mos2010d ago

I'll patent showing porn on the internet. How about that? Bloody laws in the land of the free.

mushroomwig2010d ago

Your patent idea is for a common thing, Sonys patent isn't.

SilentNegotiator2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Exactly. Kos makes it sound like they patented water, not something that hasn't even been done in game controllers (as far as I know).

But then, he probably wouldn't be making up a silly complaint like "patents are an attack on our liberty!!" if it weren't Sony.

Kos-Mos2009d ago

It is not common for one person to have monopol on showing porn. Gotcha!

FredEffinChopin2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Stop trying to be a wiseass Kos-Mos, you look stupider with each attempt.

Are you suggesting that patents shouldn't exist, and that people should invent things just so they can look forward to someone else taking credit for and profiting from them? Patents have boundaries in how they are obtained and enforced. You can not have a patent on "communication", but if you invent a new technology that facilitates communication, you can patent that.

What is the problem here?

*edit* btw, "land of the free" is in reference to speech, religion, and general lifestyle. It doesn't reference a promise to be able to steal other people's intellectual property.

rataranian2009d ago

I think I see their logic...

step 1) it gives hot temperature feedback.
step 2) it gets dual shock vibration.
step 3) goes in someones a$$.